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Make smart decisions with our expert inspection services.

At Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company, we’re proud to be a trusted name in the Vancouver area real estate market. Quality First is a locally family owned and operated home inspection company proudly serving Southwest Washington. Providing a full suite of property inspection services to owners, buyers, sellers, agents, and more, our knowledge and commitment to excellence make us the area’s premier inspection provider.

We at Quality First understand the apprehension and excitement of home buying. Buying a home may be the most important emotional decision and the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. You need an inspector with the experience and impressive attention to detail to make sure that your prospective property is thoroughly checked out and that any potential problems are clearly explained. Having your new home inspected by Quality First as early as possible in the buying process can help give you the peace of mind and information needed to make an informed decision. Please use the links below to learn more about our services, questions you should ask when searching for an inspection and the answers that you will receive from us.

You can count on Quality First for pre-purchase, pre-sale, new construction, maintenance, radon and other inspections that truly deliver.

To view a sample inspection report or learn more about our Southwest Washington inspection services, give Quality First Home Inspection Company a call at 360-260-0575.

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Real Estate Inspection Services

We’ll complete a meticulous inspection to help you make an informed buying or selling decision. Learn more about our pre-listing, pre-delivery, condo, and pre-purchase inspections by clicking below.

Buying a property in the Southwest Washington area is no small matter. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have a pre-purchase inspection completed before you make a final decision.

When you are buying a home, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your investment – after all, a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. A detailed Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company pre-purchase inspection is one of the most practical ways to make sure that what you’re buying is a safe and sound purchase, with no hidden after-closing costs or problem areas that the seller has neglected or is simply unaware of to disclose.

A typical home inspection takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the square footage, age, and complexity of the property. Larger estates with many buildings can take longer to complete. Our inspection includes a detailed evaluation of the roof/attic, crawlspace, and foundation (structural) as well as the plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems (mechanical).

After the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a full Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company report about our findings.

In the excitement of purchasing a property, it’s easy for many people to look past flaws that a home may have. At Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company, our job is to give an objective opinion about what we see as the building’s strengths and weaknesses. In this manner, our pre-purchase inspections are an excellent way to get an unbiased, third-party perspective.

Don’t buy a property in the Southwest Washington area without knowing the facts. Call Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company at 360-260-0575 to discuss our pre-purchase inspections.

Do You Want To Sell Your Existing Home For More Money, In Less Time, With Less Hassle?

Performing a Pre-Listing Inspection with Quality First Real Estate Inspection Co. can help you do just that.

When selling a home there is so much that needs to be done. The last thing most people think about is having their home inspected before it’s sold. However, to get the top price you want for your home you’ll want your home to be in top condition and making your home Marketable should be your number one goal! We understand the emotional attachment you have to your home but you must be realistic about the home as well. No home is perfect and as soon as you realize THAT you are on your way to making your home more Marketable.

While living in a home, you may have ignored small problems and improvement opportunities. However, when it comes time to sell, you can rest assured that future buyers will be on the lookout for any and every issue they can find. A great many sales are canceled due to the buyer's shock at the "functional condition" of the home. Instead of discovering a nasty surprise at the last minute, a pre-listing inspection from Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company will deliver a detailed report about your home’s current condition.

One of the big advantages of a Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company pre-listing inspection is that it allows you as the owner to either make repairs before going through the selling process or disclose the issue found in the Inspection Report. This not only makes your property more attractive from the outset – but it also negates contentious issues that buyers or agents may try to use to lower your selling price.

There is one secret all Sellers need to know. Buyers make their decision to purchase a home based on emotion and justify that decision with logic. And another thing is equally true: Buyers can fall out of love with a home just as quickly as they fell in love with it. So why let the Buyer’s Inspector develop a long list of items needing repair thereby jeopardizing your sale? Making the repairs in advance of the sale will save you tons of frustration and disappointment! You may also find that disclosing items such as a rotted deck will prevent you from having to adjust your price since the buyers know to go in. Simply put…the unknown or freshly discovered is far scarier than what is disclosed going into the sales division.

Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company is an independent provider of pre-listing inspections in the Clark County area. Essentially, what that means is that when we’re called to do an inspection for a property owner, our job is to be as objective as possible and provide a thorough analysis about the home’s safety, structure, and function by using our many years of expertise and experience.

A quality pre-listing inspection could increase your selling price dramatically. Dial 360-260-0575 to schedule your Southwest Washington area home inspection with Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company.

New construction inspections are performed at the completion of construction, but prior to your final walk-through with the Builder's Customer Service Representative or Superintendent. The inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before your final walk through with the Builder. This will ensure that most, if not all, last minute items have been completed prior to your inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed report will be distributed to you.

There are many talented contractors in the Clark County area, but that doesn’t mean you should ever skip a pre-delivery inspection by Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company. Many homebuyers have notions that just because they are buying a new home, that they can bypass the home inspection phase of the process. However, failing to notice problems before the final walk-through with the builder can be a major mistake. New home buyers are advised to absolutely seek the services of an independent home inspector before they sign papers on a new home. The fact is that the construction industry occasionally makes mistakes, takes shortcuts, may have a lack of experienced workers and sometimes a new home can become a costly lesson in repairs and construction shortcuts.

A Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company new construction inspection is a way for you as the owner to verify that everything has been completed by the contractor as specified and that there are no obvious problems with the build. As your partner, our inspector will conduct the same thorough home inspection for a new home as he would for any other home. The structural components, such as joists, rafters, beams, and any exposed supports are examined for integrity. The attic space should show no signs of water penetration and all structural components should be without defect. Other items we will examine include exterior components such as windows, frames, and doors. The automatic garage door mechanism will be checked for its safety features. The HVAC system will be subjected to a complete visual examination that may include running the system and checking for proper levels of heating and/or cooling. Ductwork will be observed and heat and cooling sources are checked in every room. The new plumbing system and electrical system – key mechanical components – will be inspected. What about a new home that already has water in the crawl space?

In addition to giving an objective opinion about the structure and build quality, Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company will also look for the little details that make a property "move-in ready," such as connected gas, electric, and water utilities. With our new construction inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to sign off on your new build.

For high-quality pre-delivery inspections in the Southwest Washington area, Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company can help. Give us a call today at 360-260-0575.

What is a 1-Year New Home Warranty Inspection?

After a year of settling in, it’s time to take inventory of how things are going. Maybe there’s a leaky faucet or maybe the foundation has begun to settle, leaving cracks in your drywall, or maybe there is a multitude of undetected issues hiding from your untrained eye. For all issues big and small, it’s a good idea to have a home inspector come out and evaluate how your house is performing after a year of being lived in.

A 1-year Warranty Inspection is performed at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the builder’s On-Year New Home Warranty. It presents concerns you may want to bring to the builder’s attention and allows time for any necessary repairs. If you never had a New Construction inspection prior to moving in, there may be many errors made by your builder that are still undetected; if some issues were noted prior to moving in and supposedly corrected, this is also a good time to make sure that all of the fixes were properly taken care of and the house is still functioning as it should be. Ultimately, this is your last chance to compile a complete list of items that need repair and hold the builder accountable for fixing them.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is rare we inspect a new home without finding defects. With a quality, certified inspector like we have here at Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company, you will be provided with a full, detailed report to present to your builder. We will act as your advocate to ensure they take care of the issues we have found and will help you throughout the process. The 1-year Warranty Inspection is a great way to keep yourself informed.

There are many reasons why brand new homes have mistakes:

  1. With many separate homes being built at different sites and the abundance of activities going on at the same time at each site, it’s nearly impossible for the general contractor to personally monitor all phases of the home construction. Quality control will certainly be inconsistent from one builder to another and can even be inconsistent among homes built by the same contractor in one development.
  2. The majority of construction tasks (foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc.) are usually subcontracted out. Consideration as to how fast and how cheap the job can get done may rank above qualify for the builder.
  3. The explosion of growth has created a great need for affordable housing. When there are such a large demand and such a small supply, it is significantly easier for less experienced builders to sell their services when time and money overtake quality and reputation as the deciding factors for new home buyers.
  4. Few, if any, municipal code inspectors spend anywhere near enough time in each home to fully check it out. Further, there could be issues with the home that are not necessarily coded violations, yet could still have serious consequences for the new homeowner. These deficiencies may not be discovered until it is too late.

With a Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company 1-Year Warranty inspection, you are able to provide a thorough, detailed inspection report to your builder with all repair or replace items listed in the beginning summary. High-resolution pictures are included in areas of concern. Call Quality First at 360-260-0575 to give you a professional perspective on your property.

To put it bluntly, you need to get an inspection on every home you intend to buy to protect yourself and your investment. Manufactured homes are constructed differently than a site-built home. These differences can create unique issues that a typical homeowner wouldn’t know.

For example, mobile or manufactured homes have two different types of potential installations: standard set or permanent foundation set. Standard set installations often involve concrete masonry block piers, tie downs, and skirting. Permanent foundation set installations are similar, often with masonry block piers on the interior portion, but the perimeter incorporates a load nearing foundation constructed of poured concrete masonry block, or pressure treated lumber on a concrete footing. Each type of installation has different requirements concerning pier construction, spacing, shimming, ect.

A manufactured home inspection is a complete inspection of the home, from the roof to the ground. There are specific areas that are thoroughly inspected such as roofs, plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling, and flooring. Additional items we check on a mobile or manufactured home are:

  1. We find the manufacture’s HUD tag and data plate to confirm that the home was designed to meet the wind loads and roof loads specified by HUD for this area. These tags help identify the serial number, unit manufacturer, year built, and the HUD construction standards.
  2. We check for missing, loose or damaged trim, skirting (with proper ventilation) or siding panels.
  3. We evaluate any site-built additions. Since a mobile home is designed only to support its own weight, any additions should be freestanding and not bearing on the walls of the mobile home, and should be properly flashed at areas of contact.
  4. The frame of a mobile home is interconnected large I-beams. We verify that they are not bent or heavily rusted.
  5. We check the foundation piers, to confirm that they are not damaged or leaning, they are in bearing contact with the mobile home frame, that the holes in the pier blocks are facing upward, and the pier caps are not rotted or cracked, and any leveling shims are secure.
  6. Examine the vapor barrier under floor framing for tears, deterioration, sagging.
  7. Confirm that there is perimeter blocking under any large wall openings, such as a sliding glass door.
  8. Determine the type and spacing on the anchor straps, and how they are attached to the frame, to confirm that they meet the standards in place at the time the home was installed.
  9. Look for any loose or corroded anchors or straps.

In summary, mobile or manufactured homes are quite different than stick built or site built homes. When you are looking for a Southwest Washington mobile home inspection, call Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company at 360-260-0575.

Having a condo or town home inspected is just as important as any other home inspection. Especially when you are buying a condo or town home managed by an association, it is important to remember that you are also purchasing a piece of every communal space and shared structural component in the complex. Our inspector takes special care in looking for issues not only in your new home but also in community areas that you are going to be responsible for.

A typical condo inspection takes a couple of hours and a townhouse inspection usually takes 2-3 hours, just depending on the size, age and complexity of the property. Our inspections include a detailed evaluation of the unit’s roof/attic, crawlspace, and foundation (structural components -occasionally not present in the case of a condo inspection) as well as the plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems (mechanical). From there, we’ll investigate common areas where accessible and visually check structure, roofing, and a number of other factors.

Clark County area condo inspections by Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company are available for both buyers and sellers. In the case of both, we offer an objective review of the condo’s current state, bringing an objective, unbiased perspective to the table. For buyers, this service helps to discover potential problems and for sellers, out inspections will let you identify and fix trouble areas that could lower your selling price.

For a condo inspection in the Southwest Washington area completed by professionals, dial 360-260-0575.

Duplex/Multi-Family Dwellings are a popular way for home buyers to invest in real estate while simultaneously supplementing their own income. Often times, we meet clients who are planning to live in one unit, and pay their mortgage payments using the rent collected from their tenants. Whether occupying a unit or using the entire structure for an investment, having a home inspection performed is absolutely essential. Not only do you want to know that the place you may be living in is safe and sound, but  you also want to be sure that your renters will be well taken care of, and won’t come to you with many problems and complaints. Having a property inspection done for your multi-unit property will help to assure you that no hidden repairs and major after-closing costs lie ahead.

The time it takes to complete an inspection of a multi-family dwelling varies greatly based on the number of units, size, age and complexity of the property. Please call us to discuss the details and we will be happy to give you a more concrete time frame for the inspection. Our inspection includes a detailed evaluation of the roof/attic, crawlspace, and foundation (structural components) as well as the plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems (mechanical) for each individual unit. For more details on what is included in our inspection, please call us at 360-260-0575.

The most important thing to understand as a new homeowner is that your house requires care and regular maintenance. As time goes on, parts of your house will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak, or simply stop working. A home maintenance inspection is just like the inspection you get before you buy a home, except that you do it with no intension of selling the place. Even the most vigilant homeowner can, from time to time, miss small problems or forget about performing some routine home repairs and seasonal maintenance. It’s often been heard, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By having a Quality First maintenance inspection done on your home you can keep your home in good condition and prevent it from suffering serious, long-term and expensive damage from minor issues that should be addressed now.

Our licensed inspector checks out all the main systems of your home – roof, walls, foundation, HVAC, electrical, plumbing – and flags anything that might be starting to malfunction. By doing minor repairs now, it will save you from the big repair down the road, saving you money. After having an inspection done you’ll receive a detailed report giving you a complete “honey to-do” list to keep your house in top condition.

Like an annual physical, a maintenance inspection can catch issues early and give you the peace of mind of a clean bill of health.

To schedule your Southwest Washington maintenance inspection, call Quality First at 360-260-0575.

Finding out you have elevated levels of radon in your home is bad news. As the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, radon is dangerous to you and your family. Clark and Skamania Counties have some of the highest radon levels in Washington State. An estimate of 1 in every 5 homes in the Clark County area has elevated levels of radon that should be mitigated. Now more than ever, home buyers are demanding radon mitigation testing to be performed and systems to be installed in purchase agreements.

The good news is radon can be easily mitigated if known to be high.

What is Radon?

Radon is an odorless, radioactive gas that rises naturally from the earth. It enters the home easily through open crawlspaces, small cracks and openings in the home’s foundation, or pathways provided by the installation of utilities. Over time, elevated radon levels can have serious health consequences for those living in the home. Just like smoking cigarettes, it is not certain you will obtain lung cancer from high radon levels. However, according to the environmental Protection Agency, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, causing 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. A measurement of radon levels can provide peace of mind, or verify that radon mitigation is needed to help decrease your chances.

Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company offers a short-term. 48 hour measurement of the radon concentration in the home. This is calculated using a RadStar RS800 continuous radon monitor. If levels are too high (over 4.0 pci/L), radon mitigation is recommended. Results are immediate and a full report is issued within hours of the completion of the test. In order to ensure accurate results, it is extremely important that closed-house conditions are maintained for 12 hours before radon measurement begins, as well as during the test. Testing is the only way to find out your home’s radon levels.


Be sure to schedule your radon test with your home inspection, or simply call us anytime to test your home at 360-260-0575.

Pest and Dry Rot, also known as a “Wood Destroying Organisms”

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs) find houses to be a great source of food when conducive conditions are present. These conducive conditions are invitations to WDOs. Once inside the house, these organisms can cause serious structural damage to the integrity of the house. WDOs can easily go unnoticed since they typically attack parts of the house that are not readily visible. There are two general conditions of reportable concerns when receiving a structural pest inspection: Actual structural damage by an infestation, and conducive conditions.

When doing a home inspection we look for the following (in all visible locations):

  1. Actual infestations or damage from:
    • Termites, subterranean and damp wood
    • Powder Post Beetles (Anobiid)
    • Carpenter Ants
    • Velvet Tree Ants
    • Wood Decay Fungi (Rot)
    • Moisture Damage
  2. Conditions conducive to the establishment of WDOs:
    • Improper earth to wood contact on wood not rated for such contact
    • Cellulose debris in the crawl space
    • Insufficient ventilation
    • Vegetation too close to the structure
    • Faulty landscape grade
    • Excessive Moisture
    • Inadequate installation or presence of vapor barriers
    • Etc.

If Conducive Conditions are left uncorrected, it may eventually lead to infestation and structural damage.

Although the Whole House Inspection does include an examination of the crawl space area and plumbing system, Washington certified home inspectors are specifically not required to report on the presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms, rodents, or insects as a part of the home inspection process. Often performed at the same time, it is considered to be a separate inspection process by the State of Washington. Pest and Dry Rot inspections are governed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the Washington State Pest Control Association.

Resource Section

A home inspection is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a home. Home buyers now entering the marketplace view inspections as a way to gain valuable information about the biggest purchase of their lifetime. It helps them to determine whether there are any defects or system inadequacies at the time of purchase.

Usually, home inspections are performed after a sales contract has been accepted by the seller. The inspection is generally scheduled within a few days and will take approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the size, age, and condition of the home.

Home inspections should also highlight the positive aspects of a home. In fact, many of the home inspector’s observations or recommendation help to dispel home purchaser anxieties, and provide useful repair suggestions.

The home inspector’s service to the purchaser is primarily one of education. The goal of the inspector is to provide the purchaser with a better understanding of the physical condition of the home so that they can better make a well-informed decision. It is also the inspector’s role to keep his findings in perspective for the buyer. After the inspection is completed, a written report should be prepared for the home buyer, documenting the results of the inspection. The home inspection should not be confused with an appraisal.

A complete home inspection should cover all of the major systems of a house, including structure, exterior, roofing, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing and interior. Our inspections meet the Stands of Practice of Washington State.

Consumers should be very careful when shopping for a home inspector. The State of Washington requires its inspectors to be licensed by the State. If you’re not sure about an inspector you’re considering, you can click on the following line to verify.

Home inspection companies that offer to do repair work should be avoided as it’s a conflict of interest.

Our founder and inspector, Norm Shackelford, at Quality First has undergone some of the most highly trained schooling available through ITA (Inspection Training Associates), a Kaplan school and does not rely on just construction experience. Along with over 18 years of home inspection experience, over 7000 personally performed inspections, and the opportunity to train some of our local inspectors, Norm has several years of inspection experience with the Building Codes Department of the State of Oregon and served as Inspecting Crew Chief in the Air Force. The Quality First team also brings years of experience in real estate and title & escrow service which helps ensure we understand the entire transaction you’re experiencing and the emotions that are often involved.

  • A thorough inspection covers everything from roof to the foundation. Our typical home inspection includes these components and systems:
  • Roof: Shingles, flashing, chimneys, vents, trim and gutters, drip edges, skylights, downspouts, and other visible roof related items.
  • Attics: Insulation, ventilation, rafters, joists and trusses, wiring attachments, and other visible related items.
  • Plumbing and Fixtures: Water pressure, water distribution system, hose bibs, sinks and faucets, bath/showers and toilets, laundry, water heaters, and other plumbing system components
  • Interior: Floors and ceilings, walls, stairs (if applicable) and banisters, finishes, sinks, cabinets, shelving built-in appliances, and other visible interior related components.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Furnace, air cleaning parts, ductwork, air conditioner and lines, and other visible related HVAC components.
  • Electrical Systems: Service entry and clearances, service panel, switches and outlets, visible wiring and junction boxes, grounding system, and other related electrical components.
  • Basements, Crawlspaces, and Foundation: Insulation, ventilation, posts, vapor barriers, utility attachment, structural items, floors and walls, and columns.
  • Exterior: Siding material, attachments, windows, doors, vents, entryways, driveway and walks, grading, and other visible exterior related components.
  • Fireplaces and Chimney
  • Garage
  • Porch and Patio
  • Able to identify concealed or latent defects.
  • Concerned with aesthetics or what could be deemed matters of taste or cosmetic defects.
  • Able to determine the market value of the property.
  • Advisement of the purchase of the inspected property.
  • Capable of relaying the life expectancy of the property or components.
  • A county/city code inspection.
  • A certification of property or its components.
  • Technically exhaustive.

Yes, we always encourage buyers to attend the inspection. By being present for the entire inspection, buyers are better to understand the scope of the inspection as well as the limitations. It is during this time that we will go over the report, answer any questions and even share maintenance advise. If you can only be there for a short time period, the end of the inspection time frame is the preferred time so all issues can be talked about with the inspector. However, at times the buyer is unable to be present at all. Being out of town or unable to take time off work can cause absents. If this is the case, we strongly encourage a call in order to review the report with the inspector so that you may have a full verbal as well as written understanding of the subject property’s condition. Our reports are very understandable to read, but sometimes an item listed can seem like a BIG deal. Although everything listed should be considered, sometimes a simple explanation of the item while on site rather than reviewing it later in the report can answer questions regarding the actual condition of the feature.

An average inspection will take roughly 2-3 hours. These times vary depending on the size, age and condition of the home. Some inspectors claim a 1-1/2 hour inspection, but with the experience we have it wouldn’t be recommended no matter how may inspections the inspector has performed. A proper evaluation of the largest investment you can make must take the needed time.

The inspection fees vary depending on the size and age of the subject property as well as any additional features outside of the normal. General fees run between $350-$450. However, the cost should not be a factor in the decision whether or not to have a physical inspection. You might save many times the cost of the inspection if you are able to have the seller perform repairs based on significant problems revealed by a well experienced inspector. Please contact our office for an accurate quote for your specific need.

Buying a new home is one of the largest investments you can make. Along with the added stress this can add, there is also the wondering “Am I really getting the home I think?” It’s important for any home owner/investor to know just what they’re getting for the money. Having a handyman or contractor inspect our new home is the biggest mistake many potential new homeowners make when purchasing a home. Although the person you are considering may be very skilled, they are not trained or experienced at professional home inspections. Professional home inspection is a unique skill like no other. Professional inspectors get what we call an inspector’s instinct for problems. That instinct takes extensive training and lots of experience doing inspections to develop. Many contractors, and other trades professionals hire a professional home inspector to inspect their homes when they make a purchase.

We prepare an extensive computer generated report complete with full color photos. It includes a Report Summary that will let you quickly review the recommended improvements to the home. The report is check list narrative in nature so that you can easily read and reference the results of the home inspection. Feel free to call our office to see a sample report.

The inspection is designed to explain what needs to be repaired on the home. Our inspections are non-biased and informational. There may be some requirements that the home needs to meet in order for your financial lender to lend you the money for home. This does not mean that the home has “failed” the inspection and will not be able to be sold. Buyers also have different thresholds or levels of comfort for what they will except and may not reflect the acceptable condition of the property for others.

There are potential problems that can come up during inspections. The seller of the home is not automatically required to repair any problems that the inspector finds. As the buyer, you can negotiate for the repairs to be made before you buy the home. If the seller is not willing or unable to do the repairs for you, you will need to make other arrangements or terminate the contract. If you still want to purchase the house but are unable to get the financial lender to approve the loan until the repairs are made, you may have to make the repairs at your own expense.

Definitely! Now you can complete your purchase with peace of mind about the condition of the property and its equipment and systems. You many have learned a few things about your property from the inspection report, and will want to keep that information for your future reference. Above all, you can rest assured that you are making a well-informed purchase decision and that you will be able to enjoy or occupy your new home or building the way you want.

You can call us and discuss all the aspects of your new home whenever you like. Our services are a long term investment with your new home.

Yes, we carry extensive Errors and Omissions (E&O) as well as being fully bonded.

Are you protected when you refer a Home Inspector? YES, When you refer Quality First Real Estate Inspection Company.

Quality First participates in the NARREP sponsored Home Inspector Insurance Program through our E & O Insurance Policy.

What does this mean for you? Our Insurer agrees to extend coverage provided by our Policy to include the referring Real Estate Agent or Broker, Realtor, Lending Institution, Relocation company and/or Real Estate Attorneys and their agents or employees for those sums they become legally obligated to pay by reason of damages arising out of any Occurrence occurring during the policy period, provide all Claims are referred to Insurer for consideration and investigation.

There is no deductible to the referring party.

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